Female Entrepreneurs in the Beauty Industry

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Female entrepreneurs in the beauty industry have today broken the glass ceiling and have started making a name for themselves. Even though the crack is barely wide to let some sunlight through, the top in this field are surely giving the men a run for their money.

Females in this profession have a certain advantage over men. The beauty industry is undoubtedly largely patronized by women. Hence it is easier for a female entrepreneur to read the pulse of those that will be using their products. They will be able to bond better with the psyche of the people. This is like female cosmetologists who are trusted more than their male counterparts by women clients who can open up more about their personal problems and issues. Thus it is easier for female entrepreneurs to strategise their business operations.

An example will help explain things better. A female owner of a spa and beauty salon can help explain things better to female clients about permanent hair removal on IPL hair removal machine since some intimate issues might be involved. She will be in a better position to address concerns of female patients. In this equipment, energy is directed from a hand held device on the area under treatment. The energy travels through the epidermis and dermis right down to the root of the hair follicle and destroys it. IPL laser machines are good for areas with coarse hairs like under arms and legs. A female will be in a better position to finalise the mode of treatment on women patients.

However, there are hurdles that are faced by female entrepreneurs in this yet male dominated world. The primary hurdle is sexism and a propensity by men players in the profession to have a pompous attitude towards females in this line of business.  Deborah Mitchell, beautician to the Royal Family and founder of Heaven Skincare brings this out very well when she says, “Twenty years ago, I was looking for my first packaging and I called the company I wanted to use three times and they just wouldn’t help me. Eventually I got a man to call for me and he immediately got the service I wanted all along.” However, she acknowledges that things have got better over the last two decades.

Who then are some of the leading female entrepreneurs in the beauty industry? The top three names are undoubtedly Helena Rubenstein and her arch rival Elizabeth Arden with their line of beauty products. This was in the early 20th century and they were joined by Estee Lauder around 1946. They were the pioneers in this field and made it to the top of the industry. Others that surely deserve mention are Alyson Hogg owner of self tan brand Vita Liberata, Annee de Mamiel founder of Mamiel Skincare who started her business after training in Chinese medicine and Sylvie Chantecaille, founder of the luxury cosmetics range that bears her name.

These women have fought against odds and are now a name to reckon with in the beauty industry.