Organize Your Home in a smart Way with Magazine holders

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The first thought that will in all probability cross your mind when you buy a magazine holder is what publications to keep stuffed in them. In reality, these items regardless of whether they are made of metal, wood or cardboard can be used for a host of other functions. With a lithe bit of innovation and out-of-the-box ideas you can put them to many uses that will make your home look well organised and clean. Just as a brochure holder can be used as a CD or cassette rack so can a magazine holder be used in ways that will surprise you no end.

Here are a few suggestions to get you going.

  • Pantry goods and vegetable holder – Keeping a pantry organised is no easy task. Prevent cans rolling around or the sauce bottle getting squashed below a pile of other stuff by simply keeping them in a metal magazine holder. Similarly, segregate potatoes and onions and other vegetables that have to be kept in dark areas in different wire magazine holders and keep them within reach.
  • One stop gift wrapping station – Gift wrapping can be fun but once you have to search in different places for all the stuff, the fun goes out of this activity. Ribbons and tape in the drawer and scissors in the kitchen – just bringing them together can mean a lot of running around. Instead buy a well decorated magazine holder with bright floral prints and keep all the stuff inside it. You just have to deal with one specific holder for quick gift wrapping of an item.
  • Curling iron holder – Get a well decorated magazine holder and use it to store all your curling irons in one place when not in use. You can keep the holder on the counter top or if you feel that it is taking up too much space, have it attached to the inside of your bathroom door.
  • Craft supply organiser – Craft supplies are very difficult to keep organised. Most of the items are small and hard to manage and if you keep them tucked away in boxes, you will not be able to see them and forget that you even have them. Instead attach magazine holders with their backs fixed to a wall and keep all your craft supplies in them. Not only will they be well organised, at any moment you will be able to see what you have in stock.
  • Wall mounted corner side rack – For uniqueness and adding to the aesthetics of a room, this idea will be hard to match. Take a wooden magazine holder and turn it on its side. The two sides will perfectly match the corner of the walls. Use it as a rack for keeping a decorative item or small things of daily necessity inside. You can fix a number of them, not only from a utilitarian point of view but also as a great composition with different holders complementing each other.

There are a lot of other ideas that you can try out. For a complete range of magazine holders to suit different purposes, get in touch with Advertising Industries.